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Representative Payee

Athelas Institute, Inc. is approved by the Social Security Administration to be a Representative Payee for Individuals in our Residential Program.  With this designation, we are able to act as a Representative Payee for individuals who receive Social Security, relieving the responsibility from their families.

What a Representative Payee Does

As Representative Payee for our Residential Individuals, Athelas receives monthly payments from the Social Security Administration on behalfof the individual we represent.  the benefits are then used to to pay for cost of care, medications, health and personal needs.  Money not used for these reasons is saved for the client, up to the amount allowable by the Social Security Administration.  Excess funds are used on vacations and non-essentials that the individual requests.

  • For those individuals for whom we serve as Representative Payee, this service may include some or all of the following:
  • Paying for food, shelter, personal needs
  • Filing required reports to the Social Security Administration with supporting documentation
  • Providing copies of reports to beneficiiaries and, if requested, to family members, case managers and legal guardians
  • Detailed records of all transactions and completion of all government required paperwork

Getting Started

When your family member or loved one becomes a part of the Residential program, our Case Manager will work with you to complete the paperwork needed for Athelas to become Representative Payee.  We will submit the application to the Social Security Administration, they will approve it and send us a date that we will start receiving benefits.